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3M Scotchshield Ultra Safety and Security Window Film

 There is no denying the aesthetic value glass windows and doors give to a home or commercial building. But is that glass truly the best defense for your family, co-workers and personal property when danger looms outside?

 3M Scotchshield Ultra Safety and Security Window Film helps hold your glass in place during hurricanes,severe winds, earthquakes, and even explosions. It also helps reduce damage and injury from indoor  incidents like children running into or throwing things at  glass doors or windows.

 3M Scotchshield Ultra Safety and Security Window Film also helps deter smash-and-grab burglars by eliminating there most crucial weapon time.

Burglars rely on quick and easy access for a successful break-in. A door or window that stays together when struck, will slow them down, and probably make them go away.

 While sunny days also pose a threat, because UV rays cause interior fading. All 3M Scotchshield clear or tinted films substantially reduce fading of your carpets, upholstery, furnishings and merchandise by blocking out up to 99% of the sun's damaging UV rays.

 3M Scotchshield Ultra Safety and Security Window Films are one of the most vigorously tested window films out here. Windstorms, bomb blasts, flying objects we've thrown everything we can think of at it to make sure it not only meets, but exceeds industry standards for impact- and tear-resistance.

 If solar heat is also something you wish to control, 3M Scotchshield Ultra Safety and Security Window Films also come in tinted versions. 

This gives 3M Scotchshield the flexibility to provide shatter protection, and energy savings, all in one.








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